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Seven Rila Lakes
The word PANEURHYTHMY is composed from three roots:
“Pan” means everything, all, universal; “Ev” or “eu” is where
everything comes from; it means the supreme, the essence, the real, the
substantial in the world. “Rhythm” means rightness in the movement or in
every external expression of the things. The meaning of the word
Paneurhythmy very often is conveyed by the expression: “supreme cosmic rhythm”. 

What is “Paneurhythmy” then? This is a great universal harmony of the movement.
 Petar Deunov
Peter Deunov, who is often called the Master, took the spiritual name of Beinsa Douno. He himself often referred to his word as “The New Teaching”. Definitely this is not a coincidence. The new, eternal revival as an universal path, judicious development, freedom, personal growth, harmony – these are the key themes in his word.

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